Simplified Music Notation


The Creative Arts Foundation is a registered charity set up to research ways to make music-learning accessible to all. As part of this aim, the charity has supported the development of Simplified Music Notation, which was invented with the intention of encouraging a much greater percentage of people, including those with retentive memory problems and learning difficulties, to become more active participants in music.

The charity is funded by the Creative Arts Research Trust, a limited non-profit publishing company which sells the Simplified Music Notation books you can see on this website. All profits from UK sales of books and scores in Simplified Music Notation are donated to the Creative Arts Research Foundation to support music-learning for the disadvantaged.

Registered Charity No. 1046414
Simplified Music Notation is a patented invention by Peter Hayes George:
EU Community Designs No. 387014/0001-0010
USA Patent No. D545,889S.