Prima Facie Records recorded a CD of works by David Heyes, founder of Recital Music, on 3/4 January 2017. The recording took place at St Mary's School in Shaftesbury and Village Studios in Templecombe featuring double bassists David Heyes, Gemma Ashcroft, Joe Prindl, Josie Jobbins and Alexander Heather alongside soprano Sarah Poole and pianist Derek Harris. A varied and diverse programme of works composed between 2014-16 will include works which have been performed in eight countries to date (UK, USA, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Venezuala, Mexico, Czech Republic), and emphasise the lyrical and sonorous qualities of the double bass within a modern but accessible idiom.
The CD is named after a work David composed in 2014 to commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War.

We are very pleased to hear that David Daly, Principal Bass of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, is recording two works from the RM catalogue. Both are associated with the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic in 2012 and David's great-uncle Eugene survived the disaster, hence his interest. Erin's Lament is a traditional Irish melody arranged for double bass and strings (or piano) by Ian Pillow and was played in Southampton and Cherbourg by David Daly, two of the ports where the Titanic visited. 15th April 2012 by Irish composer John Kinsella is for unaccompanied double bass and was commissioned and premiered by David - the date marks the sinking of the Titanic.
RM536 Ian Pillow - Erin's Lament for double bass & piano
RM672 John Kinsella - 15th April 2012 for unaccompanied double bass

Dan Styffe (Norwegian Chamber Orchestra/Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra) has recorded two works from our catalogue for contra classics (, available now as downloads.
RM753 Simon Garcia - Three Dances for unaccompanied double bass
RM769  Bernard Salles - Two for Three for cello & double bass with Oystein Birkeland

In December 2016 Dan Styffe  recorded John Alexander's the intelligent hand for unaccompanied double bass (RM497) for Prima Facie Records.

Venezuelan bassist Diego Zecharies, now resident in Spain, has recorded a number of Recital Music publications including Di-Ba-Dum (Teppo Hauta-aho), The Transience of Life (Simon Garcia), Concertino No.1 (Simon Garcia), Californian Duett (Simon Garcia) and The Origins (Simon Garcia). The programme notes for the CD have been written by David Heyes.

Bass Instinct in Vienna, a double bass sextet, have recently recorded Der Fremde by Simon Garcia. [RM637]

TEPPO @ 75
Finnish composer-bassist Teppo Hauta-aho c
elebrated his 75th birthday on 27 May this year, having appeared two weeks earlier at a four-day ‘Teppo-Fest’ in England. Teppo has the distinction of being the most prolific composer in the history of the instrument, writing for every level, beginner to virtuoso, and has been a popular visitor to Britain on many occasions. The weekend of four concerts and a day of workshops featured 20 of his works, including the UK premiere of his Mini-Bass Symphony, played by 15 bassists, which was a great success. Audiences warmed to his unique sound world and also to his great sense of humour, and the concerts celebrated many styles and idioms confirming the variety and unique qualities of the double bass in the 21st-century. The weekend also included performances of more than 50 one-minute works for unaccompanied double bass from composers in 12 countries, all written to celebrate Teppo's 75th birthday, confirming his unique position of importance and the respect he is given by the international double bass world today. 
Teppo's fun personality, warmth and great generosity of spirit, helped to create a wonderful atmosphere at each concert and it was an honour and privilege to welcome him back to Britain again for Teppo-Fest. He is a magnificent ambassador for the double bass and his 75th birthday was celebrated in great style and with much bass fanfare. 

BASSES GALORE was a massed bass concert at the Silk Mill (Frome, Somerset) on Sunday 23 April 2017 at 3.00pm to celebrate the 70th birthday of Tony Osborne, the 75th birthday of John Alexander and the 85th birthday of Armand Russell albeit a few months early. Each composer has written extensively for the double bass creating a wealth of accessible and inventive music for players of all abilities, and the concert will feature many solos and ensembles performed by bassists from across Britain. Recital Music is pleased to publish works by John Alexander, Tony Osborne and Armand Russell, with more than 150 works between them in print, and many more scheduled for publication in 2017/18. BASSES GALORE is sponsored by Recital Music and is a fundraising concert for Marie Curie UK.

Sarah Poole (soprano) and Derek Harris (piano)  recorded a series of songs for Prima Facie Records on 27/28 November, for release in July 2017. Far Away is a wonderful programme of songs for voice and piano featuring a number of Recital Music publications. The choice or repertoire features songs composed especially for Sarah or by composers she has known and worked with for many years. This CD is the first of a five album contract with Prima Facie Records and includes:
David Heyes - Far Away...* [RM652]
Tony Osborne - Sonnet for a Summer's Day* [RM267]
Eric Funk - Four Songs on Poems by Sara Teasdale [RM
Humphrey Clucas - Evenfall* [RMS125]
John Alexander - John Barleycorn* [RM
David Heyes - A Spotless Rose* [RM888]
(* premiere recordings)

David Heyes, founder of Recital Music, was recently interviewed by Jason Heath for Contrabass Conversations. The site has had well over a million hits and many leading bassists from around the world have been interviewed in its ten year series. David returns as interviewer on 28 December 2016 when he interviews Contrabass Conversations director and founder, Jason Heath.

David Heyes, alongside Dan Styffe and Teppo Hauta-aho and others, will record a new CD for prima Facie Records in Oslo and Somerset in July/August 2017. The working title is 'Typically Teppo...' and will include a number of his solo and chamber works alongside music written for his 75th birthday in 2016 by David Heyes, Simon Garcia, Bernard Salles and Katrien Bos. Works by the Finnish composer include Trio Poem Basso II (3Db), Two Dances (4Db) and Elegy-Fantasy in Memory of David Walter (4Db), the latter has only been played once before and commemorates the long and close friendship between Teppo Hauta-aho and New York legend, David Walter.